Where are you located and do you ship?

        We live in rural Southwestern Oklahoma on a cattle ranch. We do not ship our kittens but will work with you to arrange a meeting place. We will meet you at the  OKC Will Rogers Airport or drive partway to meet you. There may be an extra charge to pay for gas.

How much does it cost to reserve a kitten and when can reservations be made?

     Kittens are available for reservation at 6-9 weeks old. The reservation fee is $300.  In order to reserve a kitten, prospective owners need to fill out a kitten application that will be provided to you when you contact us and provide your email address. Once an application is received, we will visit by phone and any questions you may have regarding the kittens and our breeding cats will be answered.  Upon mutual agreement, your name will be added to the list and you may choose your kitten in the order placed on the list. The kitten is reserved for you once we receive the signed contract and the reservation fee. We reserve the right to refuse a kitten at any point if we feel the placement would not be safe for the kitten. Kittens will be ready for their new homes at 12-14 weeks. Final payment of the kitten price is due before delivery or cash only at delivery. Total cost for HappyTrills kittens beginning January 1, 2024 is $2500 USD for most; $3000 USD for smokes and shaded will be priced depending upon the amount of silver.

Does the kitten come with a health guarantee?

     Yes, kittens will come with a guarantee to be free of life threatening genetic or congenital diseases for 5 years, FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), FeLV (feline leukemia virus) and have a one year guarantee against FIP (feline infectious peritonitis). Breeding cats have genetic testing, OFA hip x-rays and heart echoes by a veterinary cardiologist done prior to breeding. Kittens will have received two series of core immunizations and will have been wormed. Kittens will have been trained to scratching posts and will be litter box trained. Cats in our home have their nails clipped every few weeks, and we highly recommend the continuation of this practice.

What restrictions are there to adopt a kitten?

     Every HappyTrills litter is registered and all kittens can be registered. There are no discounts for an unregistered kitten. Every kitten comes either spayed or neutered or with a contract requiring owners to spay or neuter their kitten. Once we receive a copy of the veterinarian report showing this has been done, your kitten will be able to be registered. Declawing is not allowed and kittens are required to live indoors and may not roam freely outside.  If a kitten at any point in its life needs a new home, the placement will be mutually agreed upon or it may return to us. These kittens are our babies and it would break our hearts for one to end up  in a shelter. We wish that all HappyTrills kitten owners will keep in touch and send updates on the progress of their kittens. We will always be available to help with any issues you may have raising your kitten and beyond.

What kind of food should I feed my kitten?

     We believe that cats as obligate carnivores thrive on a balanced raw diet. We can provide recommendations for a supplier. We also realize that not everyone is willing or able to feed raw so kittens will also be accustomed to a canned food diet.

What if I want a kitten to show?

      Let us know if you are interested in showing your kitten. We can steer you towards a kitten that may have promise. But you should realize that there is no guarantee. Kittens change as they grow and it is difficult to know ahead of time how well they will do or if they’ll even accept the noise and smells of the show hall.


Do you sell kittens for breeding?

     We are committed to healthy breeding practices and only work with other established breeders who are likewise committed and do the appropriate testing, socialization and husbandry. A breeder of Maine Coon Cats should work to improve the breed and should have the understanding and should care deeply about how their breeding practices will impact the future of the breed.  Breeding takes knowledge of the breed and health issues, understanding of the breed standard, and learning cattery husbandry.